Telephone Scams

November 9, 2011

Text Message Debit Card Scam!
Firefighter Credit Union has been notified that area cellular customers are receiving unsolicited text messages, with a phone number of 402-913-4823, claiming to be from Firefighters. The message informs the recipient that their debit card has been deactivated and to call 608-466-7758 and enter their debit card number and pin.  Delete this text, IT IS A SCAM!  If you called the number above, and feel that you may be a victim of this scam please contact us immediately at 608-784-9480.  

Firefighters Credit Union will never solicit any of your personal account information via text, email or automation. Please remember to NEVER respond to a text or email requesting your personal information, account or credit card information 

Phone Phishing Scams

Firefighters Credit Union has recently been notified of a telephone phishing scam. Some members have been reporting that they’ve received automated phone calls telling them that their debit cards are frozen and to press one. The calls have been coming from the following number: 375-843-8993. Please Do NOT respond to this request for information!

Be suspicious of any e-mail, text message or phone call with urgent requests for your personal financial information.  Do not open unsolicited e-mails or text messages. Never provide your personal information or account information based on an e-mail, phone call or text request.

Calls from someone who claims to be a Firefighters Credit Union representative and knows your debit card account number –BUT who wants the three-digit code on the back of the card for whatever reason – should be treated the same way, hang up and contact the Credit Union as soon as possible.

Please remember that Firefighters Credit Union, DOES NOT e-mail, text message or telephone our members asking for personal information such as debit card number, pin number, complete social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. For that matter, no legitimate company that you do business with solicits this information.  If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us at 608-784-9480.

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