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Debit Card Fraud Alerts and Balance Information

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ATM Card

  • No Fee ATM Card
  • Withdrawal Money
  • Transfer Funds
  • Check Your Balance

ATM Locator – Alliance One

Debit Card

  • No Fee Debit Card
  • Accepted Anywhere VISA Is Accepted
  • Make Purchases With Funds From Your Checking Account
  • Withdrawal Cash From Thousands Of ATM’s

Firefighters Credit Union has made a wise decision to let you keep some of your money. How? By giving you access to more ATM’s and fewer fees. Alliance One gives you convenient access to your money – whether you’re traveling across the country or just across town.


Lost Or Stolen ATM/Debit Card

If your card is lost or stolen, please call Firefighters at 608-784-9480 during business hours or if after business hours or on the weekend contact Shazam by calling 1-800-383-8000

Keeping your account safe and secure is our highest priority. We partner with SHAZAM, our debit card processor, to implement a fraud management solution powered by FICO® Falcon® to help protect your debit card against fraudulent activity.

We provide Text Fraud Alerts as part of our debit card protection program. You’ll receive text alerts when suspicious activity is detected on your Firefighters Credit Union debit card. If you receive a “fraud alert,” reply Yes or No to confirm or deny the activity. If you reply No (the activity is fraudulent), you’ll quickly receive a follow up text to let you know that a SHAZAM fraud specialist will call you soon to help protect your account. We’ll also automatically block your debit card to prevent any additional fraudulent activity.

If you reply Yes (the activity was legitimate), you can continue to use your debit card as normal. If you don’t reply to the text, or your phone number is not a mobile number, we’ll attempt to reach you via automated voice call.

Text message alerts from: 72718

Automated phone calls from: 855-219-5399

Make sure to save these numbers to your contacts so you don’t miss any alerts. This added protection to your debit card is automatic and text message alerts are free. To ensure we can reach you promptly if fraudulent activity is suspected, we’ll need to have your current contact information on file including phone number(s) and address. Please contact us if you have any changes in this information. We’ll keep your information completely confidential.

If you have any questions, or ever see a suspicious transaction on your debit card, please call 608-784-9480. Always use caution when providing your debit card information and contact us immediately if you suspect your debit card has been stolen or compromised.

Please remember we will NOT ask for your debit card number or Personal Identification Number (PIN) to verify your identity. Always use caution when providing your debit card information and contact us immediately if you suspect your debit card has been stolen or compromised.

Usage of our VISA Debit Card may be blocked in foreign countries where the possibility of fraud is extremely high or where an exceptional number of fraudulent transactions have originated. If you will be traveling internationally and want to find out if you are able to use your card at your destination, please call (608) 784-9480 before you go.

Usage of our VISA debit cards may be blocked for certain PINLESS and signature based transactions.