How to Safely Use a Credit Card

December 5, 2022

Credit Card Safety 101

If you’re one of the people who prefer paying via card transactions, credit card safety should be one of your top priorities. Yes, carrying a credit card mostly eliminates our need to bring cash with us, but this does not mean that theft is no longer a threat. Credit cards can be just as vulnerable as cash in many different ways.

Learning how to use your credit card safely can save you lots of headaches. From keeping it secure on your person to changing your PIN frequently so that nobody else will have access to it, there are many ways to keep your card safe. Read on to learn about some credit card safety practices.


Change Your PIN Regularly

Your credit card’s personal identification number (PIN) is one of the layers of protection that keeps your credit card safe from unauthorized users. To keep your finances and personal information safe, you should change your PIN once every three to six months. This will help make sure that nobody else can access your card if you suspect your account has been compromised, or if somebody saw your PIN while making a purchase.


Keep It in a Secure Place

While it may seem obvious, it is advisable to always keep your credit card either on your person or in a secure place where you’re sure nobody else will be able to access it. In cases where your card has been damaged or lost, it would be best to contact your credit card issuer or bank immediately to report it lost and request a replacement.


Avoid Malicious Websites

Another way to protect your credit card information is to avoid processing online transactions on malicious websites. When you are shopping online, make sure that the site you are on is secure and not a phishing site. If you’re purchasing from an app or site, make sure to check the reviews of previous users before entering your information to ensure your credit card information will be kept confidential.


Check Your Monthly Statements

Make sure to review your monthly credit card statements thoroughly. This will give you a better grasp of your expenditures, and can check if any transactions have been made without your knowledge. In addition to this, you should also check all the alerts and notifications from your card company to stay informed about your card’s status.


Report Suspicious Activity

If you suspect that your credit card information has already been compromised and have noticed that there are transactions you didn’t process, report it to your credit card company immediately. By notifying them, you can deactivate the existing card to stop fraudulent payments.


Let Us Help You with Credit Card Safety

Credit card matters can be quite confusing, especially for new owners. Get in touch with our team of financial experts at Firefighters Credit Union for advice from professionals. You can depend on our personnel to help you out with your credit card safety concerns.

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