5 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

August 24, 2020

All self-made millionaires have to start somewhere

Other than lottery winners, getting rich has nothing to do with luck! Making a lot of money over time takes patience, knowledge, and commitment. Millionaires are always thinking BIG, networking themselves, ultra-focused on what they want financially, and continue to do whatever it takes to make money.

Much of one’s financial transformation from ordinary to extraordinary comes down to physical and mental “rich habits”!

Here are some habits adopted by self-made millionaires that led them to financial success:

  1. Exceed expectations

If you are an entrepreneur, there is a lot more to building wealth than just running a successful business. A successful business continues to exceed the customer’s expectations to become an industry leader and earn huge profits!


  1. Be proactive

Reactive people wait for opportunities to come to them. Proactive people make those opportunities happen for themselves! Having a proactive mindset puts you in control. You have the ability to act and make a change, especially when it comes to your financial well-being.


  1. Take responsibility

Taking responsibility for your wealth is a major step to learning how to take control of it and change it. Unfortunately, a lot of people adopt a negative mindset and always place the blame of their financial circumstances on anything other than themselves. Millionaires believe that they alone create their own wealth. As a result, they are able to take control and have the power to change their wealth by adjusting their mindset and habits.


  1. Do what you love

Every industry has millionaires. It is possible! Find what you love to do most and become 150% committed to it every day. Becoming the best in your industry takes passion and a lot of time. People become the best at what they love to do because they eat, sleep, and breathe it!


  1. Turn failure into success

The ability to accept one’s failure and turn it into a drive for success is a trait of all millionaires. Most people have the impression that financially successful people never fail and that millionaires only earn money, never lose it. As a result, people fear failure and judge those who have failed. However, this is not true at all. Everyone has failed at some point. It is how you handle it and overcome it that leads to either a positive or negative result. Ironically, millionaires fail a lot more than others because they take more action with their money!



The first step to becoming a millionaire is changing your mindset and daily habits to be able to handle situations the right way. If you are looking for further guidance, contact the financial experts at Firefighters Credit Union!

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