Target Data Breach

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Firefighters Credit Union is aware of an investigation that has begun regarding a data breach at Target Retail stores that involve millions of consumer’s credit and debit card records. The breach appears to have begun at Target retail stores between the dates of November 27, 2013 through December 15, 2013. Firefighters Credit Union is working with our debit card processor to determine if any of our Member’s information was compromised and will be notifying any affected members with options to close any compromised cards and subsequent reissue of cards.

Firefighters Credit Union recommends that members monitor their accounts closely. It is always a good practice to keep a close watch on your accounts for any unauthorized transactions and this is especially important when a data breach has occurred.  You can monitor your accounts via It’s Me 247 Online Banking, where you can view debit card transactions in real-time. If you have not used our Online Banking system yet, please contact us for assistance with enrolling at 608-784-9480.   You can also access transaction information via our Audio Response at 1-877-772-1118. Should you see any unauthorized transactions on your account, contact us at 608-784-9480 during business hours or if after hours at 1-800-383-8000. You can also contact Target directly at 866-852-8680. Firefighters Credit Union monitors transactions 24/7 via a Fraud Manager services that is in place for all members debit cards.

If you have concerns and feel more comfortable closing your existing card immediately and re-ordering a card, please let us know.  Please be aware that there could be a delay in receiving your new card due to the volume of new cards being ordered, as the first priority will be to reissue compromised cards.